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Resource Protection

Preservation of our natural resources by limiting the amount of change on current conditions.

Drinking Water


Residents within the watershed use ground water as the primary drinking water resource and due to the composition of the soils and surficial aquifers there is an elevated vulnerability of contamination both naturally and human induced.

Our Wetlands


Land practices have affected the natural structure and function of wetlands there by reducing the intrinsic value and influences hydrologic and habitat values.

Our Forests


High quality water resources found and enjoyed throughout the watershed is indebted to a largely intact diverse forest landscape. Creating alternative land uses leading to forest fragmentation will have negative consequences.

Data Collection/Monitoring


Collecting information needed to understand the water-resource baseline condition for improved management decisions.

Emerging Issues of Concern


Issues where LGUs either have not historically been engaged or there has not typically been a problem in the watershed but potentially could be based on land uses adjacent to the watershed.